DJ Wild

DJ Wild

Players will get wild with this five-card poker game that features a trips bonus and a progressive side bet! The object of DJ Wild™ Poker is to get a higher five-card poker hand than the dealer. The game is played with five wild cards — four deuces and one joker.

Getting Started

You make equal bets on the ante and blind to play the game. You may also place bets on the trips and progressive wagers. You will then get five cards and decide: Fold or make a play bet of two times your ante.

Winning & Losing

The dealer will then reveal his five cards and announce his hand. If the dealer beats your hand, your ante, play, and blind bets lose. If the dealer ties your hand, your ante, play, and blind bets push. If your hand wins, your ante and play bets pay 1-to-1 and your blind bet pays according to the pay table.

Trips Bonus

The trips bet wins if you have three of a kind or better. Natural hands pay more than ones that use wild cards. Not all hands with a deuce are considered wild. If the deuce is not used as a wild card to make a winning trips hand, it will be considered its natural rank. You may use the deuce as a wild card in the base game and use it as a natural for the trips bet.

Two-Way Bad Beat Bonus

The two-way bad beat bonus wins if you beat the dealer with a qualifying hand or the dealer beats you with a qualifying hand.


The progressive bet qualifies you for payouts from the incrementing jackpot.